Today I went with Angelina to Wesley Owens in Croydon to attempt to make a dent in our reading list. So far we have been given half a dozen study guides and they contain at least 24 A4 pages with literature to read with roughly 10 books to a page that makes 200+ books that we are recommended to read.

So there I was at the Christian Bookstore hoping to at least find one book per course to get it started. Two hours later I had found two books of the list. Plus an NRSV for me and Hanna.

I was delighted when the price tag was not to high only to realize when I got out of the store that the person at the cash register (probably his first day) had only charged me for half the items. When I went back in to tell them they had charged me to little they where very confused and didn’t really know what to do with me.

I frankly don’t see how we will have time to even read a tenth of the recommended reading and I doubt our economy will handle even that.

Don’t get me wrong I love books, and I love to read. But in between lectures, family time, personal evangelisation project, worship team, personal devotion time, resource cadet duty and training, where will I find time to read?

Dear G, I know I have asked before but could we please add 12 hours per day.


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