The last six months have been a desert experience for me, it seems that every time I am in any kind of spiritual training this is what happens, I feel completely cut off and dry spiritually.

One thing I have realised lately though is that one of the reasons I feel so dry is that  I have not been preaching and preaching for me (I have recently discovered) is one of my greatest times of worship. To boast and rave about how great God is. It is not singing or playing an instrument it is lifting up God’s name by telling people how great he is in a sermon.

Therefore I figured if I could just perfect my sermons I will be given the best worship ever, if I like Brengle could be the absolute best speaker ever I could then lift God’s name to heights I have not yet known myself and by that I would get out of this dry patch.

Then last week God spoke to me, not through the bible or a quiet time in prayer but through Terry Brown. Terry has been a Martial artist for 40 years and been doing Western Martial arts for more than half of that. He is over sixty but that didn’t stop him from playing with me like a cat plays with it’s meal, bare fisted, with single sword or longsword.

Terry told me this:

“The body must be the servant of the weapon.”

So in my context, I must be the servant of the message. I thought I could perfect the message to lift up God’s name but God was telling me that through my worship he would perfect me!

It is such a simple thing really, it is so obvious, that it is not my message, not my meeting, not even my worship…. it all belongs to him, I am just offering back what he has given me.

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