I have been staring at this post for a long time. Not because I have nothing to write but because there is so much to say and I do not know where to start. I am wondering if I chose the right title. Pandora’s box it sure feels like it, I opened a door to my past and all sorts of feelings and locked up emotions came rushing at me like a freight train without breaks.

At the same time it is more like the first steps on a journey, Frodo leaving bag end, Balian leaving the cinders of his old smithy, William Wallace riding of from the only home he ever knew. It is not just a journey though; It is more like the journey. It is a journey of discovery, learning who I am and where I am but it is also a journey discovering whom I was meant to be and where I am going. It is a lot of things. Just like Pandora’s box contained a chaos of things welling up from the prison where it had been locked down for so long.It is a bit like “There, and the way back” except there is no going back to the things where after any real Journey. Bilbo never could get back into ordinary life after his trip to the mountain. Frodo never could adjust back to the ordinary life of the Shire after having been a ring bearer.

Where will this journey lead, if not back again? I do not know. It is a bit scary and extremely exciting at the same time. Like life was meant to be, a real adventure!

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