I was woken up in the middle of the night by our phone ringing of the hook. It was 5 AM and all the lights in the living room where blinking, then all went dead and we where without electricity.

We woke up in the morning and the flat was cold and dark. I couldn’t shower and I couldn’t get my morning latte. I was getting really grumpy. Angry at the devil and world for stealing my joy!

We went to drop of the girls to nursery and jam club and headed straight to Starbucks for a warm panini and a vanilla latte. The Starbucks was warm and cosy with Jazz booming out of the speakers. As I sat there with my gourmet coffe I started thinking about all the homeless people that I know and call friends. Who wake up every morning chilled to their bones. They never have a warm shower and a latte in the morning. And yet whenever I see them show up for dropins and for church, they still have a warm smile for me.

So I promise myself to be extra thankful for the things that I wake up to every day!

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