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Going to Latvia: Boothcamp II – Prologue

So today we fly of to Riga, to prepare for three days of Boothcamp, a National Latvian youth camp in the small town of Drusti. It is the second time we do this camp but a first for Hanna to speak at an event like this.

At the camp we will be teaching “Epic” and the four streams from “Waking the dead”, teaching people that there is a full life to be lived in Christ, where you can find your unique part in God’s story and walk an intimate walk with God, hearing him speak daily. We will also concentrate on Spiritual Warfare and naturally how all this will enable us to fight the Salvation War! Last time the all age meeting at the end of the camp was especially powerful where the older generation prayed for and blessed the younger generations to march to war.

The warfare has been getting fierce the closer we have gotten to the event. Our sleep has been interrupted (more than usual) and tempers have been flying high. The added pressures of Sunday placements at corps and essays at the college all colliding in  these last two weeks have not helped either. I am assuming that the enemy is not pleased with our plans to, through the power of God,  set hearts free in Latvia.

Please Pray for us, as much, and as hard as you can, we will need every bit of support we can get!

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