How do we even begin to describe this event?! It has been a journey, it has been a battle but it has also been a glorious victory.

We had some setbacks like the fact that the translator got really ill halfway through the first meeting, our car breaking down, lots of irritation and distorted communication. It was a battle every step of the way.

Nevertheless, Hearts where set free and people where blessed, faith and hope rekindled. There are two moments that stick out in my mind. The first is praying with several people who felt that their hearts had been broken and they needed healing…. or who felt that the Christian life is hard. Our response, yes it is hard but it is worth it!

The other moment was the testimony of one of the middle aged women in the corps we had invaded who testified at the Sunday meeting (a very interesting meeting with five generations present) how blessed she was by the presence, devotion and vibrancy of all the young people.

It has been a great camp and a good week, even if we missed the snow in England. Now we are just trying to work out how to get home again (our flights got canceled due to the snowstorm in London).

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