Chivalry was born in the romances, Gawain and the green Knight, Le Mort D’Artur and the other romances are filled with this over the top rose tinted chivalry. It was a response to the cold scientific light of the renaissance but also a remembrance of a time, that while it had it’s own flaws, when progress for progress owns sake was not worshipped. A time when Love not science was the most important virtue.

The Bible is, in my eyes, a great romance. God creates humans to enjoy a loving intimate relationship with someone other. We rebel and turn away and then at great cost God pursues us throughout time to offer reconciliation at every turn.

In this light I think that the Christian life is a life of chivalry, a life where we live in the great romance of God and it is up to us to discover the romance and adventure awaiting us as we approach the ultimate mystery.

But just as we are urged to love God with all our hearts, souls and minds we are also asked to love our neighbour as ourselves. So As we have been loved by God we are to love each other. Ever pursuing each and every precious individual to share the love.

It is time to leave the modernistic way of life that focusses on progress and scientific method and return to a warmer and much more human approach. It is time to return to romance.

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