In the midst of our essay madness, apartment hunting and the girls getting ill it is time for another trip. I thought that Rent-A-Don was going to be my only Longsword event this year but as it turns out I will be going to another one.

When asked to come to the get together in Boston I politely declined as there was no way I could afford going (still being on minus from Rent-a-Don) but promptly received this email:

Dear Patrik-

The Schola Saint George Metro Boston study group, assisted by members of SSG San Francisco Bay Area and SSG Central New Jersey, requests your acceptance of our invitation to the 2009 East Coast Get Together. Would the following flight times work for you?

We would also like to offer you the hospitality of our house and table during your time here, and of course we will arrange transportation to and from the airport.

Please let me know and your tickets will be forthcoming.

I.e., you’re *going* to the ball, Cinderella! ;^)

And how could I refuse such a generous gesture. So here I am in the middle of this madness trying to prepare for my next testing, frantically trying to make sense of Fiore’s Zogo Stretto plays and fixing my kit so that it is in top shape for another mad weekend. On Friday I fly to Boston only to return on Monday morning for a full day of mission.

I figure that such a great display of generosity cannot go unnoticed. So let it be known that within the Schola Saint George Chivalry is alive and well. Charles Deily and Colin Hatcher (the most likely suspects for such a mighty deed of generosity) will be renowned for their great generosity.


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