I have now completed lesson three wit the girls and I have watched much more of the Bullyproof DVD collection to stay ahead.

One thing that strikes me right away is what an awesome system to raise young cowboys and warriors. This system is designed first of all to create a bond between parent and child. With the “expect nothing, praise everything” approach you truly build up confidence and validate your child throughout the session. The transfer teaching technique gives you the awesome possibility to model everything and allow your child to learn through your modelling and feeling great about themselves the whole time.  To learn more of the Gracie Bullyproof teaching methodologies, sign up on Graciekids and access the parent preparation course.

Over and over again in the DVD series I hear Rener and Ryron Gracie say to the boys, “let’s see if he’s got what it takes” and then because of their teaching methodology goes on to prove just that, this kid has what it takes. Now imagine hearing that over and over again several days a week for years between the age of four and sixteen. And on top of that, you are also learning a martial art and how to become a Warrior!

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Will Pearson

Sounds awesome. I love it that lots of people have been asking you about martial arts for their kids. We had that discussion with Katie, just tonight. Hmmmm, I wonder how old the child would have to be…

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