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Notes from (over) the edge – book review

41Ee6ChbDPLSo this last week I have been reading the long anticipated book: Notes from (over) the edge by Jim Palmer. This is a very different book than Jim’s other work. It feels like Jim lifted the curtain and let us peak behind into his mind and his thinking that has fuelled the rest of his work. Although I suspect that while the notes are indeed the fuel and thought behind the other books, the other books and the walk that has produced them is what has formed the notes.

Jim writes, in notes, not with the normal “Christian” voice but rather more like a prophet, a mystic, trying to penetrate a deep fog of religious ignorance to get to some really deep truth or rather “the truth”. I think this book could have been written in 5 tweets (and it probably has been as well) but then who would have gotten the point? As a book it gets a bit repetitive at times and if you have already walked this path for a while you may feel like you are being beaten over the head with the obvious. This message must be repeated though, I do not think hearing it once or twice has any chance of getting through the many layers of protection we have wrapped ourselves in. Blow by blow Jim hammers away and deconstructs religion, only to leave you with a mystery that is so simple yet so profound that it cannot be understood with the mind but must be known, and is already known by your true self.

Anyone who has heard me preach lately will recognise the major brush strokes of this book and it feels great to know that there are other people out there drawing the same conclusions and more importantly dare to speak them out loud. I simply cannot recommend this book enough read it, let it soak, let the message saturate you and then go out and look at life, try to find it out there, because as great as this book is, it will not deliver you, you are already delivered, now wake up and live it!

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