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Most people have had this thought, I know I have, If I could just find some peace and quiet, then I could sort out my issues and get on with it. Most people wait for the circumstances to be right, or work frantically to make the circumstances right to achieve peace.

This need for quiet and rest is a deep human need, we must have peace so that we can hear the soft inner whisper of divine love. But what if we just got it all backwards?

Could it be that we have peace, that the place of our soul, our unique space in this universe, is always at peace. Could it be that when we make that inward journey (you know the one we think requires peace to start) we actually start journeying towards the peace that was always there?

If it is true that we are all connected, that we all are part of this divine in an all encompassing interdependent network of energetic clusters, then as part of the divine source that is what we will find when we journey inwards. If we are all part of the divine source, if love is what we are at our core, then peace is what we have. The inner most truest part of us is resting in the divine source of love and is at peace, always.

If this is true then we never have to wish for peace, go look for peace or try to create peace, because peace is not a circumstance it is not dependent on external circumstances but rather a state that we are already in, if we can relax deeply into the core of our being where we will find god, where we will find peace.

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