It is funny this facebook thing. Not to long ago I posted an update on facebook that indicated I was dealing with some stuff. Anyone keeping up with my blog knows that I have done some real emotional heavy lifting the past weeks so one would think it would not be that surprising.

Still when I posted:

I’ll be alright, just not tonight!

I got the expected hearts and hugs as comments. What I did not expect was the many people contacting me trying to “fix” my problem. Apparantly facebook is the blessed land of the eternally happy and even a whiff of vulnerability or emotionality draws the “fix-it” squad.

Here’s the thing, I don’t need to be fixed, I need to feel this. I need to actually be able to be true and say tonight is rough and I am feeling it. Let me feel it. Don’t try to fix me or lift me. Stand with me if you want to. Try to feel with me if you dare. I am sorry if my struggle puts you off, but don’t you dare steal this moment from me.

Don’t worry, I’ll be alright, just not tonight!

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