Oh yes I did!

I blogged about sexuality again, and after having had more traffic than usual on the blog with loads of people contacting me privately and publicly commenting on the blog posts the last week, after the post on sexuality, silence.

[insert cricket sound]

Talking about feelings and being openly emotional on the blog was uncomfortable for people and provoked all sorts of reactions. Talking about sex… well … Either people are not interested in the subject (as if) or it is so uncomfortable that it silences all conversation.


So I will continue to, uncomfortably push the boundaries and talk about these things, because I believe they are important, because in all my counselling more often than not sexuality is one of the largest problem areas, because I see marriages fail left and right because the people involved would not or could not talk about it.

Now, If you are a reader of my blog and there is anything in particular you would like to discuss, go ahead, comment or send a PM or E-mail and I will most likely go there.

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