In the wake on my post on feminism a conversation has started whether or not it is worth our time to even talk about masculine and feminine. Here in Sweden at least it’s a loaded topic. There is a large group of people claiming that the differences in masculine and feminine are simply social conditioning and has nothing to do with our actual biology while other still claim that there are fundamental differences between the male body and the female body and between the male brain and female brain.

I am a theologian and a mystic and not a scientist so I will talk about the human experience rather than the human biology. Knowing that how we think and feel about these things will influence our chemistry. And vice versa our internal chemistry will affect how we feel and think. In the end it may not matter because we are all within our own experience.

Some people suggest that instead of talking about masculine and feminine we should use other terms like yin and yang, solar and lunar or positive and negative (as in electrical charge). I find however that when we use these other terms it becomes to abstract for people and they find it hard to relate to these energies and therefore they find it hard to recognise them in their own experience.

When I write about the mature/immature feminine and masculine I am not talking about the body. You can be in a male body but embody a mature or immature feminine energy and similarly you can be in a female body and embody a mature or immature masculine energy, in fact I think that this is often the case when I counsel couples.

The Feminine and the Masculine are archetypes that we are used to talking about and as archetypes they hold their own energy just by being that. And as we are talking about the feminine and masculine archetype it becomes helpful to divide it into the mature and immature version of this archetype so that we can differentiate between them in our own lives and move into the mature energy to grow as persons. In the end the state that we are looking for is the inner marriage or the union of these energies into the inner sacred union that in itself generates a powerful life giving energy into our lives and allows us to embody all the qualities of both the mature masculine and feminine, regardless of what body we are in.

As long as we are dealing with these archetypes and we recognise that we are not talking about men and women or traditional gender roles we can also sidestep the political debate and stay on a personal journey of self discovery and growth. With that in mind I put the question to you, what is your idea of the masculine and the feminine? What is the mature masculine? What is the immature masculine? What is the mature feminine? What is the immature feminine? Chime in on the existing threads on Facebook or here in the comment field below.

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