Yes, you are decent people, but that is not what I had in mind

The words are from a poem written by a Hassidic mystic as he was adressing his disciples. So many times we confuse the call of religion with the call of society, to become decent, functional people.

If our idea of following the spiritual path is to become successful or to fit in to today’s society we are not following the voice of spirit but rather the spirit of the world.

The goal is not to become nice, or decent in fact if we turn to the Judeo-Christian texts it seems the opposite. The Navi’im (the Profets) and Jesus where constantly choosing to challenge both society and religion in the most scandalous and provocative ways. In this way they embody the Left Hand Path beautifully.

This is our calling to, to life out a different reality amidst our own. To discard the old stories and write a new story. A new way of living, a new way of being and it might look strange, scary even but does not all new things look weird at first?

I don’t want to be decent, dignified or nice. I want to be real, to boldly live my truth and hold the largest conversation I can have with the rest of god’s creation. I want to embody love, joy and freedom in all that I do and live not according to societal or religious norm but according to love and the voice of the spirit. Will you walk with me?

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