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Today is fathers day and I am promptly staying in bed, drinking tea and slowly looking at the world and my life with awe and wonder. Earlier in the week I had a lunch with a friend who told me that to boost her ego she would look at the girls from school who used to be pretty and see what they looked like now. I reflected back that to boost my ego I open my photo stream and I look at the pictures from the last year and I marvel at how awesome my life is.

It has been quite a week. Between coming out as a polyamorous couple and launching a new spiritual community and church in Malmö we also have our own personal processes running.

So in between Hanna coming home for a few days in-between Israel and going to assist at ISTA level one in Scotland. It has been a few days of deep reflection over our lives, what they are and how we would like them to look. A week of receiving loving support from our community but also a week of friendships lost and people who where once friends harshly criticising or demonising our lifestyles.

At the end of the day, or as it is at the end of the week, it is good to recognise that what is the last day of our week here in Sweden (and much of the world), it is the first day of the week in Israel. In the same way we are at the last chapter of an old story but also in the first chapter of the new story. What an adventure it will be.

Not today though, today will be a day of rest and restoration, a day of being loved and a day of singing, dancing and being surrounded by loved ones. To all the fathers out there I salute you, enjoy your day; Rest easy!

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Hanna Olterman

Beautifully written my love, I’m on Israel calendar today as I am working, and packing for Scotland!
Life is beautiful!

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