Pleasure is awesome. Pleasure is good for the soul and for the body and many people get a tantra massage because they want to experience more pleasure in their lives. This is all good, but we often forget that there is a reason that they we not experiencing the amount of pleasure we want in our lives.

I get a lot of people coming to me for counselling or body work who want to experience more pleasure in their lives and they think the session will consist of me waving a magic wand and pleasure being the result. Let me just say this as plain as I can.

It does not work that way!

In our perfection we are wired to experience pleasure, it is both pleasurable and healing at the same time. It raises the oxytocin levels in our body and when we learn how to move the energy in our bodies it can release DMT in our system allowing for all kinds of magic to happen. But often we block pleasure in our body, for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it is religious or societal conditioning, sometimes it is low self esteem or we simply do not think we are worthy of pleasure.

Moving from a place of contraction where we are blocked to a place of expansion and freedom to tap into our pleasure potential takes work. It takes going to the dark places, feeling unwanted and suppressed feelings and most of all removing any and all blockages and hindrances to self love.

While a tantric session may contain some pleasure many who receive their first session also encounter anger, grief, pain, sorrow and all other negative emotions they have blocked/suppressed and stored in their bodies. Moving through these emotions allowing them to surface and clear away is necessary for moving towards a place of expansion and a truer expression of self and to allow for a full measure of pleasure.

So if you go for a tantric session of any kind remember this: Moving into your pleasure potential is a great intention, just know that the road to the heights of pleasure may be through a dark valley of suppressed emotion and past trauma. If you go to a good tantric practitioner you will be supported to move through this valley and towards a truer, clearer expression of self where you can self activate and self love and access unlimited pleasure.

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