Oh for the love of god will you stop it!

Stop writing about the suffering of Jesus like it was good thing. Jesus pain and suffering was not good thing!

We are not saved because of what we did to Jesus but in spite of it. The violence perpetrated against Jesus was humanity’s worst. like toddlers or pubescent teenagers we kicked and spat and pushed the limits of love, crossed the boundaries so grotesquely to se if love was big enough to love us even when we are at our very worst.

Guess what, we are loved by the divine even at our worst, even when we do violence and cause suffering. Even when we medicate, give up or act out.

No the suffering and death of Jesus was not a triumph it was a failure. The triumph was that the divine source of love kept pouring out even as we acted out in violence and hatred and humiliated the one who came to tell us about love.

So this easter let us not celebrate the violence but let us accept that we are violent at our worst and aspire to be what we are at our best, love and forgiveness. Let the violence of the cross be a reminder of how low we can stoop and how beautifully we are loved in spite of it.

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