13450234_10154271051123000_3563621419361635733_nI am angry at the person who picked up a gun and murdered all those people in Orlando, I am angry at all the people who thinks that any kind of violence is justified in any situation.

I am angry at the Christians who think that anything could justify these horrific actions. It doesn’t matter what they where or where not doing at this club…. There is nothing that could ever justify any violence to any person.

I am angry at the atheists who use this tragedy as an opportunity to spew hate speech against believers.

I am angry at myself for anytime I did not stand up, speak out or in any way shied away from the path of truth, love and justice.

Today I am angry!

13427903_10154363573126336_2255002762026465968_nSo today I am with them, I am with all of them! Today I am gay, I am a lesbian, I am trans, I am queer! But I am also muslim, christian, jewish, atheist, buddhist and I am hindu. All of these people are my mothers, my fathers, my brothers, my sisters, my daughters, my sons, my friends, my lovers, my people. Not just today, all of the days, they are my people because we are human and we need each other more than we need to be right, more than we need to be unique, more than we need to be separate.

Love is the only path, whether you are a believer or an atheist, straight or queer. We need more than ever to embrace each other, love one another and walk humbly on this earth. So let us walk and speak softly with words of love and appreciation for one another, celebrate life and love.

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