I am done explaining and apologizing…

I am scrolling through my Facebook feed and it seems to me that every Christian Network I am still a part of has become a battleground where arguments for and against a positive inclusive stance on LGBTQ issues are wielded as weapons to prove that the other side is heretical.

There seems to be a need for both sides to clobber the other side with words and verses. The conservative side uses “for the bible tells me so” and the liberals are shouting “bigots”.

i_give_up_by_elixirbeauty-d8rjhfpAnd I am done!

Jesus said: “This is my commandment, that you love one another”. The new testament goes on to say that the sign of true Christians is the love they show for one another. Love is simply the only litmus test. There is no ifs, buts or maybes. God is love!

Both sides of this false dichotomy have a long way to go before the conversation mirrors the love that the original followers of the way seem to insist on. So I am done arguing and explaining. The only way forward is showing love and compassion, not only in words but in action. For the more progressive stream that I am a part of the challenge is not to show more love for the LGBTQ persons in our midst but to show love and compassion towards the more conservative brothers and sisters.

How do you love a bigot?

It is time we start spreading the love, speak kind words, hug, embrace, include celebrate the ones that need it the most, the ones trapped in pharisaical argumentation and holier than thou attitudes. Because if you win a theological argument you have not only not won, you have probably lost a friend. If god is love, and Christianity is the way of love, then love we shall!

So to all my brothers and sisters who disagree with me, I love you, next time we meet I will embrace you and give you a holy kiss and come what may, I will not argue my case, I will not convince you of anything, I will not pull out any theological jiu-jitsu moves, I will simply try to be love and spread that love to as many people I can!


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