I have an ambivalent relationship to the term sacred sexuality. Using the word seems to imply that there is such a thing as not sacred sexuality or unholy sexuality.

To me Sacred sexuality simply means that I hold all sexuality sacred. All intimate moments are sacred whether or not we acknowledge that they are. I simply refuse to devalue any expression of sexuality regardless of how and why it is expressed.

Yes there are people who engage in intimacy mindlessly, without active consciousness (is it really intimacy then?) but for me that does not mean that the sexuality is not sacred for me.

To hold something as sacred means that it is set apart, held in a special place in honour of divinity. And with my sexuality, regardless of my state of mind at the time I hold it sacred, I honour the divine source as I connect either with myself or with someone else. It is part of my worship, part of my devotion. In the same sense I also acknowledge and hold sacred all other expressions of sexuality. Even the ones that seem strange or alien to me.

Because sexuality is so central to being human (sex, intimacy and touch are basic human needs) we need to give sexuality a central spot on the altars of our minds and hearts. It is not a distraction or side issue. As long as we shame sexuality or pretend that it is not important we deny people access to one of the primary sources of divine love in their lives, we deny access to their sacredness and to their humanity.

To express our sexuality is to express our humanity and in my tradition humanity holds a high value. Love is the supreme source and eros is a part of that divinity. When eros flows in a person, out of a person, between people it is a sacrament, a manifestation of divine eros. It is also part of what makes us human and a celebration of both the divine and humanity.

So I invite you to take up and elevate the conversation lets talk about sex not in hushed tones in hidden places, but rather with boldness and pride. Lets celebrate being human and lets celebrate sexuality once again making it sacred, set apart as part of the mystery, part of divinity and yet at the same time part of our everyday human lives.


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