You may have noticed that the blog changed title. This to reflect the changing tone and content of the blog over the past three years.

As I started studying theology in earnest I started at a very broad spectrum deconstructing and reconstructing everything from creationism to eschatology. Slowly though I realised that the spirituality that really interests me is the spirituality of the every day, the art of being human. I found that the most astonishing facet of Jesus was not his divinity but rather his humanity.

As I delved deeper into practical everyday theology I realised that one of the most problematic areas was human relationships in general and sexual relations in particular. I find there are two groups of people within Christianity (This may hold true for other spiritual paths as well) There is the group that still hold sexuality as depravity and something horribly ugly dirty and sinful (yes they do say it’s ok after you get married, but we all know that what has been declared unclean stays unclean in our minds). The other group are the ones that are fairly positive to sexuality but holds that it is not important (stating that there are so many more areas that are more important to deal with).

I find both sides falling short and wanting. As I have spent hours and hours in counselling with singles and couples time and time again it turns out that it is in relating to others and oneself especially sexually is a major stumbling block and a source of shame. Shame is a cancer in our society. Shame causes us to hide our light, hide our glory and hide our power. This is why sexuality is not a peripheral issue. To fully live and to fully love ourselves we must embrace all of our humanity including the closeted area of sexuality.

So it has become my mission to bring eros back into theology. To talk about sex loudly and unashamedly and to, at the same time, talk about god, holiness and divinity. Embracing the eros in me, in the world around me and in the divine.

You are welcome to join me in this exploration of the unknown and the forbidden. As I have embraced my sexuality in my life I will now move to fully embrace it in my writing and removing veil after veil moving ever towards the holy of holies, the bedchamber of god where the eternal dance of the divine continues with undignified and unashamed eroticism.


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