Theology, the word means words or teachings about theos (god or the divine). Do we really need more words about the divine? After all there are miles of shelves gathered around the libraries and bookshelves around the world with all the words.
My feeling is that theology matters more than ever. It has been said that we shape our gods and then our gods shape us. Therefore what or whom you believe in will not only shape the way you perceive the world, it will also shape your inner being.
It does not matter what god you profess belief in or what deity you profess to not believe in, atheism and atheistic humanism are also (contrary to popular belief) belief-systems that holds their own values and ideas about what it means to be human and what is good and right. Not to mention that people who profess no faith often have put their faith in someone or something else than a god and therefore making an idol ( a god like substitute or image) out of their career, money, their relationship, a trusted friend, a parent or even oneself. Regardless of where you put your faith, you create a belief-system around it which then comes back and shapes how you perceive the world and yourself.
This is why theology matters, this is why we need to keep thinking, talking and writing more words about the divine to examine and re-examine what we hold as sacred, only then can we see what the impact of our faith has on ourselves and the world around us.

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