13. How to contact us If you have any questions or comments regarding these AGEN or the Community, please contact us by: Email:community@gigamon.com Post: Gigamon Inc., 3300 Olcott Street, Santa Clara, CA 95054. 11. Severability If a provision of these use is illegal, null or void, the other provisions of the Agreement remain in force. Anthony Kim Legal Department Gigamon Inc. 3300 Olcott Street Santa Clara, CA 95054 By phone: 408-831-4000 By email: legal@gigamon.com This document contains the terms and conditions for your software support and maintenance contract. This document is available for all product orders when acquiring support agreements and software. 2. Accounts and Use of the Community The Community requires you to open an account. Please complete the registration process by providing us with up-to-date, complete and accurate information.

If you are part of an organization (or other entity), we ask that your account be used by your company or organization for work purposes related to the email domain. Please do not choose a username or community username that is vulgar, offensive, imitated, illegal or protected by property rights that you do not own. We reserve the right to refuse usernames at our sole discretion and to terminate your account or remove content from the community. As a community user, you are responsible for all activities that take place on your account. You should also keep all passwords and other login information related to your community use confidential. Let us know immediately if you suspect that your account has been abused or abused or to report any other security incidents related to your account. If you need to delete information from your account, send your request to: privacy@gigamon.com. The general rules for stopping the sale and assistance of Gigamon products are as follows: The terms and conditions of sale (formerly known as the end-user license agreement, eULA) are a legal agreement between Gigamon, Inc. and the final customer of Gigamon hardware and software products. The Gigamon shutdown of a product usually begins with an end-of-sale announcement (EOS). EOS means that Gigamon has removed the product from the Gigamon price list or identified it as EOS and that the product is no longer available for purchase. When the EOS date is reached, product removal assistance policies begin, and the product begins a transition period until it reaches End Of Life (EOL).

EOL means that the product is no longer supported by Gigamon; Bug fixes and coin exchanges are no longer available. During the transition period, Gigamon recommends that customers switch to other Gigamon product offerings, but Gigamon will continue to support EOS product resources that are covered by the gigamon product support and software maintenance contract (“support agreement”) until the date of EOL. Once EOL is reached, an announcement will be made and Gigamon will no longer support the product. Gigamon offers a wide range of service and support solutions that allow you to safely deploy and maintain your Gigamon solutions when implementing new technologies and architectures.

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