The problem is that there is an increased responsibility for you as the owner. Having short-term tenants means that there are people on your land that you haven`t checked out and who haven`t signed your lease. If one of them is injured, you can see a complaint. This is the reason why many landlords opt for a clause in their lease prohibiting Airbnb rentals for tenants. Here is an example of a rent clause in a rental agreement: the tenant and others for whom the tenant is responsible cannot hold or maintain animals in or around the premises without the prior written consent of the landlord. If approved, an animal contract is an integral part of this rental agreement if it is executed by the owner and the tenant. Please note, where applicable, Addendum B. A good lease should be like a roadmap that shows you how to handle tricky situations. It`s important to make sure your tenants understand your lease. This helps them know your expectations, which leads to clearer communication. If you follow the lease with your tenants, the tone is set from the beginning and will help them understand that this agreement is important and that they should respect it. Setting and enforcing clear guidelines will help you be a more professional homeowner.

It is a general misunderstanding that an additional delay allows the rent to be paid at a later date without penalty. Some tenants consider the end of the additional period as an “actual” due date for the rent. The reality is that the rent is still due on the due date, as stated in the lease agreement; the additional period only delays the application of the late payment fee. The owner does not make available to the tenant an assigned parking for the rented premises, unless otherwise provided on page 1 of this rental agreement. If the allocated parking spaces are made available, the tenant must only park in designated premises. Unauthorized vehicles are immediately towed. If the allocated parking spaces are made available, the Landlord may change, modify or stop it after five (5) days of written notification from the tenant. The owner may, at his discretion, adopt a paran by-law for the land, which modifies a prior agreement or removes the allocation of parking spaces. All guests are parked on the street. The Tellus Superapp helps landlords with rentals, rental withdrawal, tenant screening and more….

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