The minimum for the company`s advisory services starts at $50,000, making it easily accessible to investors at a lower level. However, the company also offers digital and discretionary investment management services with no minimum requirements, as well as personalized and planning advice for at least 25,000 $US. For its private asset management services, Fidelity requires clients to invest at least US$2 million or more in invested assets. The relationship between a customer and a company is bound by an agreement called “terms and conditions”. This is a legal agreement that must be read and understood by the client before proceeding with their investment. Fidelity was founded in 1946 by Edward C. Johnson. In 1969, Fidelity International Limited was founded to serve non-Americans. Markets. Fidelity began managing investments for investors in 1989, when it established its Portfolio Advisory Services department. Fidelity`s wide range of minimum account values makes it available to non-high net worth individuals and high net worth individuals. In addition to individual consultants, Fidelity works with companies that manage employee benefits and with consultants who require technology-related services. Potential clients interested in Fidelity`s asset management services should keep in mind that only asset management clients receive a dedicated financial advisor.

Other types of client accounts are monitored by an investment team with Strategic Advisers, Inc., a fidelity company.

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