It has been a long Journey for me to come from childhood to manhood. And then I am not talking about just getting old enough to call myself a man but to actually come to a place in life where I can truly say that I have come of age, and stepped into my power and maturity.

It is weird living in a society where the immature masculine and feminine rule so much of our daily interactions and it is only very rarely and randomly that we get to see a glimpse of the mature feminine or masculine in ourselves and others. This I think is mostly because we have no one in our surrounding modelling true maturity and there is precious few who can teach, transmit this quality.

Our society is so dysfunctional in the sense that we have almost no elders that have the power to lead, teach, model, initiate and transmit qualities. It is a society of people who have never reached maturity. And as I step into my power I can feel how long I have relied on blaming my parents, and everyone I could point a finger to for not truly showing up, while myself hiding and being really lazy with my own growth.

Today, on this unique day in history, I choose to love, I choose to show up and I choose to stay in my power. I will no longer hide neither my greatness nor my shadow. I will no longer point fingers and blame others for my not showing up for myself. No matter what, I will hold, nurture and be there for me. As you can hold, nurture and be there for you and then we can meet as whole beings in our power!

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