Sacred Sexuality

A theoerotic adventure, bringing back eros to the church.

Pirate Theology

“Living out a different reality amidst our own”

Queer Theology

An exploration of theology and human sexuality from a norm critical, transgressive, queer perspective.

And I will give you rest

10 January, 2019 Life is my religion Last night I dreamt that I was about to deliver a sermon in a small church with a few broken people in the audience. A young woman who just lost the love of her life, a group of elderly ladies that where angry that their world was...

7 ways to become a better lover over night

9 June, 2017 Sex Tantra Sacred Sexuality Whether we like it or not sexual prowess is one of the yardsticks we use to measure our self worth. Many of us feel that we fall short in the bedroom. Mostly this is due to a lack of practical sexual education when we grew up...

Tantra Sessions

3 June, 2017 Tantra Massage Body work Getting your first tantra session or tantra massage can be an exhilarating and beautiful experience. Most people I meet after their first tantric massage have this look of bliss and relaxation while their bodies are at the same...

Getting lucky

It’s just been New years eve and many of you have been out at different parties, dinners and get-togethers. Some of you may have had the aim “to get lucky” and some of you may feel that you did. It really disturbs me to hear people say that they are going out, hoping...


You may have noticed that the blog changed title. This to reflect the changing tone and content of the blog over the past three years. As I started studying theology in earnest I started at a very broad spectrum deconstructing and reconstructing everything from...
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