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  • Car trouble

    Car trouble

    Despite Salvation Army assurance that they never had a break in in their parking lot the second weekend here our car got broken into. This is our second break in since Christmas. This time they drilled up the door so the driver seat lock is completely busted. They stole the car stereo and all our…

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  • Latvian Pizza RoxXorz

    Latvian Pizza RoxXorz

    Ok, enough ranting allready time for some of the good sides of Latvia to show, one of them obviously is the food. So last night we ordered Pizza or Pica as it is called in Latvian due to some language problem apparantly we got a familly size pizza. But it was all well seeing that…

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  • Siberia


    Just as we thought we where getting used to the latvian climate the REAL winter kicked in. Hanna and Angelina are both home sick and I am at the office holding on to my health as best I can. The temperatures outside is between -15 and -20 and if you count windchill factors we are…

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  • First week

    First week

    Been here a week now and our accomodations have gone from bad to worse, apart from being very old dirty and alltogether run down the whole church is rented out all the time. This means tha we are awoken by people praying at seven in the morning now if it was taize I guess we…

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  • The kingdom belongs to the children

    The kingdom belongs to the children

    Second night in Latvia we arrive to our little hideout only to find that a Russian congregation have invaded the church hall and holding a charismatic meeting outside our bedroom door. Angelina decides after a short spell of shyness to join in the meeting. As the meeting is nearing its end people are falling to…

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  • Here we go

    Here we go

    Four years after our first trip to Latvia we are finally back and ready to get to work. The trip was uneventful, with the ferry between Kappelskär and Paldiski being the lowpoint with cabins that reeked of smoke and previous parties. Now at least we are here The place we are staying is falling apart…

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  • PADI open water diver

    PADI open water diver

    After a week of studies and fantastic dives me and my beloved brother Hampus finally passed the exam and have our PADI – open water diver license. We took the open water diver course and exam with Ivica Zicak at the Resnik dive center. The course was very relaxed and fun oriented so a perfect…

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  • Master Arenvald von Hagenburg now a Dragon Steel

    Master Arenvald von Hagenburg now a Dragon Steel

    What can I say, this guy is one of my heroes. He is a scholar but not the kind that hides behind dusty books, but rather one with a sharp wit and a warm sense of humor. Well done to be added to the Dragon Steel, the order has grown quite muscles thanks to Master…

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  • Love is a mental illness

    Love is a mental illness

    The words of Joan in the fantastic TV show Joan of Arcadia, In the show God counters with “Love puts all logic to sleep, otherwise noone would ever risk it.” Love is such a complicated game, so many risks, so easy to get hurt, and even if the rewards are sky high if you are…

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  • Humpty dumpty…

    Humpty dumpty…

    We are having a Farscape Marathon at home and watching 2×05 Crackers don’t matter I find myself repeating Crichtons question after he quotes the famous nursery rhyme: “Humptey Dumptey sat on a wall. Humtey Dumptey had a great fall and all the kings horses, all the kings men could nt put Humtey Dumptey back together…

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  • Console fluff with FBsplash

    Console fluff with FBsplash

    So you have grown tired of the black and white of the console and need a bit of color to brighten your day. Before Bootsplash would have been your ticket to bliss but the recent rewrite that is now fbsplash is what you should be looking for. This tutorial is made for kernel 2.6.10 and…

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  • Registered name and arms

    Registered name and arms

    MY SCA persona name and arms have just been registered here Seeing that I submitted them in may it “only” took six months. And they only changed Karl Skarpe to Karl Skarpi, I can live with that ….. Here is my emblazon “Gules, a Paschal lamb passant proper between three crosses crosslet Or.”

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  • Case of rapiers authorization

    Case of rapiers authorization

    At civil wars I went for case of rapiers authorization, hoping to get this one aout of the way as well, still not my favorite style so therefore an SCA authorization again.

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  • Thomas Langland awarded Dragons steel.

    Thomas Langland awarded Dragons steel.

    Long has he deserved it! And I have lobbied for it since I joined SCA. My mentor, my maestre, my friend! I am proud to be one of his students and proud that he has been given the highest award currently available to a fencer! Thank you John and Honor for listening to a serf…

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  • Howto prepare for LPIC – 1

    Howto prepare for LPIC – 1

    Preparing to take LPIC – 1 is not a small task and I think the best preparation is lots of experience with linux systems. Books in the stores are often hopelessly outdated, even if the information in the books is correct the LPI exams change as linux grows and change. Set up a linux system…

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  • LPIC – 1

    LPIC – 1

    After som effort I have finally gotten myself down to our test center at nackademin and written LPIC 117-101 and 117-102 getting myself LPIC – 1. The first test went well with little or no preparation and the second test had me wishing I hadn’t. Since hindsight is 20/20 vision I can say that I…

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  • I’m a free scholar!

    I’m a free scholar!

    At doublewars I fought for the prize (Sponsored by Richard the Rampant) and became a free scholar in the Drachenwald fencing academy. I now proudly wear the black braid (Made by Gytha Haldesdottir) and titulate myself a free scholar of the academy.

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  • Authorized in case of schlaegers

    Authorized in case of schlaegers

    At doublewars I opted for an SCA authorization for case of schlaegers rather than the hard ardous Holmgard authorization. I don’t really care for case and especially not case of schlaegers. But I did it and it was loads of fun. It was the first time I did the simpler SCA authorization ie. testing safety…

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  • Rapier dagger authorization.

    Rapier dagger authorization.

    Got my rapier dagger authorization today, have been priming up to it for quite some time and was hoping to get it in before double wars and lo and behold I did. But I didn’t deserve it, I fought so badly in the authorisation bouts and I was so tired at the end I almost…

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  • Getting the bluez

    Getting the bluez

    So I decided to get with the program and set up bluetooth on my laptop to sync my phone (Ericsson T610) and to just be cooler than the next dude. It turned out that it was a whole lot to fix for bluez … but when it works, it was time well spent. kernel tweaking…

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  • Authorization in schlaeger

    Authorization in schlaeger

    I finally got my authorization in schlaeger. It has been long hard work to get it. I actually to Langlands great dismay got him a few times during the authorization when he was going all out to wear me down. Alas the student has learned a few tricks from the master!

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