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  • Suppression or sublimation

    Suppression or sublimation

    According to the Enneagram there are three instinctual centers: Intellectual, emotional and instinctual or mind, heart, gut. In the same way we have many different bodies, a physical body, an emotional body and an energetic body. I could probably list more but lets stop there. Let’s have a look at the heart and the emotional…

  • Basic instinct

    Basic instinct

    According to the Enneagram there are three basic instincts (subtypes) that govern our behavioural patterns. These basic instincts operate underneath the ego and all the strategies of our personality. The three instincts are: 1) Self preserving (sp) 2) Social (so) 3) Sexual (sx) There are simply three types of people. Imagine you walk into a…

  • There is no us and them
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    There is no us and them

    Someone once told me that all dichotomies are false dichotomies. And maybe this is the most sinister but also the most widespread of them all. The very idea that there is us and them, the idea that we are somehow different *better” that them, whomever they are. In what may have been one of the…