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  • Pirate box!

    Pirate box!

    So last week I started my little geek project and after much ado it is now finished and our kafé has a pirate box with the potential to viraly spread ideas thoughts, documents freely. The package arrived from within days with the tiny wireless router TL-mr3020. I was astonished that such a small thing…

  • What would you put on your Pirate Box?

    What would you put on your Pirate Box?

    Geek as I am, I have stumbled upon “Pirate Box” and realised i must build one (and I shall, and I will, and it will show up at a cafe near you, if you are anywhere near Malmö, Sweden.) However as I am home still something sick and I can’t start this exciting project right…

  • 0MG tEh Ubah Fluff!

    0MG tEh Ubah Fluff!

    So I have had the privilige to spend a day tweaking my computer, since I had to spend some time upgrading the office XDMCP server to Dapper! And OMG! I have always been a sucker for Eyecandy so I have been waiting for e17 but now I sense that even Gnome and KDE can compete…

  • Console fluff with FBsplash

    Console fluff with FBsplash

    So you have grown tired of the black and white of the console and need a bit of color to brighten your day. Before Bootsplash would have been your ticket to bliss but the recent rewrite that is now fbsplash is what you should be looking for. This tutorial is made for kernel 2.6.10 and…

  • Howto prepare for LPIC – 1

    Howto prepare for LPIC – 1

    Preparing to take LPIC – 1 is not a small task and I think the best preparation is lots of experience with linux systems. Books in the stores are often hopelessly outdated, even if the information in the books is correct the LPI exams change as linux grows and change. Set up a linux system…

  • LPIC – 1

    LPIC – 1

    After som effort I have finally gotten myself down to our test center at nackademin and written LPIC 117-101 and 117-102 getting myself LPIC – 1. The first test went well with little or no preparation and the second test had me wishing I hadn’t. Since hindsight is 20/20 vision I can say that I…

  • Getting the bluez

    Getting the bluez

    So I decided to get with the program and set up bluetooth on my laptop to sync my phone (Ericsson T610) and to just be cooler than the next dude. It turned out that it was a whole lot to fix for bluez … but when it works, it was time well spent. kernel tweaking…