• New Testament essay

    New Testament essay

    Writing my New Testament essay on the Kingdom of God, I fear the Kingdom may fully come before I finish.

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  • Easter and essay madness

    Easter and essay madness

    As time marches on we struggle to meet deadlines on essays and collectaneas and other assignments. If we are not working on an assignment then we are preparing a sermon or a meeting plan. The assignments range widely between biblical studies, pastoral care and mission studies. Because of the difference in subject the styles of…

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  • Sacrifice


    The next leg of our Journey has begun and the essay race is back on, we are constantly looking for new ways to study more efficiently and to coordinate our reading with our essay writing….

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  • Very good indeed

    Very good indeed

    As time marches on here at William Booth College we are finally getting some of our papers back. Overall we are both doing good but I think that for Hanna the highlight of the month was getting our new testament papers back. I managed to write a “very good” essay while Hanna’s came back as…

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