• Prayers needed

    Prayers needed

    We are moving to Malmö (as most of you know) and as it is we still have no place to live. We are looking for a place close to the corps as we are hoping to plant a new corps parallel with the old one in that building. It is not easy to find a…

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  • Orders will be official tomorrow

    Orders will be official tomorrow

    After a conversation with our CS I can now let you know that the long awaited post about our orders will be posted tomorrow at noon (GMT+1) So, soon and very soon ….

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  • Thank You!

    Thank You!

    I am deeply moved by all the kind words and prayers we are receiving on Facebook, and via email today as we are getting ready for maybe one of the most important meetings of our lives (well at least for the next couple of years!). Keep praying guys, we really need it! And all the…

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  • In preparation of our orders – Army life

    In preparation of our orders – Army life

    So having spent nearly two years being told that we are going to be told where to go, we are now given a consultation where we have to reply to our appointment. It is a scary thing to be responsable for such a big decision especially after you have been lulled into the false security…

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  • Appointments


    The room was full of electric nervous energy. Not that anything was going to change… At the same time everything is about to change for the majority of the people in the room. It was a weird place to be as a spectator. I knew our appointments where not among the brown envelopes on the…

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  • NCD Resources

    NCD Resources

    As many have been given their new appointments only to discover that their new appointments includes “Getting your head around NCD” I thought I would repost my NCD links and recourses for you to enjoy! If you are going to read one book on NCD, I would recommend you to start with Color your world…

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  • Chim Chimeny, Chim Chim Cherooo

    Chim Chimeny, Chim Chim Cherooo

    As Cadets at the Salvation Army college we have the privilige of meeting a lot of officers. Some newly commissioned, some old in the game and some retired. What strikes me is how many of these officers seem to be burnt out and jaded. I do understand that being a Salvation Army Officer is hard…

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