Ok, so we are settling into some semblance of routine, but no matter how we try our life keeps getting interrupted by all these attacks.
First the car and loosing all our favorite worship albums (our complete Delirious? collection) Then we all get sick, starts out as a cold but pretty soon it is obvious that Hanna has bronchitis (or however you spell that) and Angelinas cough is not getting any better either. So we are constantly battling with medicines and as a result of that Angelina is now on a hunger strike. We figure that it is actually not the illness but she is actually getting back at us for forcing here to take medecine.

Well just recovering from the sickness and battling every feeding time I now realize that someone has nicked my Bible, and not any Bible but my leatherbound monogrammed spiritfilled life bible given to me by my mentor Gabriel in Los Angeles, the one that has been my constant companion and friend since 1995 with ALL of my bible notes in….. Please pray that somehow whovever has it will read my name on it and get it back to me. Of all my earthly possesions I think that is the one that is absolutely the most dear to me.

Well they say that if thing go wrong, act up etc … you know you are in the right place (ie. the frontlines of the battle) Well I am starting to get the feeling….

Anyhow we are here now and we are not going anywhere so bring it on!

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