The refugee crisis is more important than LGBTQi rights, sexuality, tantra and spiritual nonsense

I have had this expressed to me, maybe not in those exact words but the sentiment is there. Why focus on LGBTQi rights and human sexuality when there is poverty, war and other atrocities going on in the world?

Coming out of the closet and breaking up with shame

Coming out of the closet, owning our desires and authentic self allows for more openness, transparency, vulnerability and authenticity in our lives. Being more authentic and vulnerable moves us from contraction to openness. This in turn leads to less shame and more self love. And as renowned shame researcher Brené Brown states, we can only love others to the depth that we love ourselves.

Our sexual energy is our life force energy

Allowing our sexual energy to move and flow will energise and empower all parts of our daily lives. When we own our desires and allow ourselves to tap into and move our sexual energy we get more vitality, we get more umpf! We get healthier and and more active. If we want to move out of our couch potato, TV and social media paralysis and move into action and doing we need ways to tap into this life force. It starts with self love and then when we are activated and juicy this love flows to others. When we open up for our sexual selves, the force awakens.

Sexual kung-fu allows us to be present

Sexual kung-fu, sexual mastery and sexual expression is nurturing and strengthening both for our inner masculine and our inner feminine. When we move into sexual mastery we gain confidence and power this allows our inner masculine to let go of anxiety and allows us to rest in the present. When we express and enjoy our sexuality we become sexually satisfied and feel loved, nurtured and full. This allows our inner feminine to let go of past romance and again settle in the present. Being confident and full of love allows us to overflow and start loving others.

Spirituality breaks us free

For many orgasmic bliss is the closest to god we ever feel, because of the merging together, the letting go of self as we become one with someone else. This is a truly spiritual experience where we experience unity with another and with the universe. This recognition of interdependence and belonging breaks us free from scarcity thinking and our little personal dramas, allowing us a bigger perspective, a bigger picture. This perspective is where we can truly start working for inclusion, caring for and loving each other and others.

Free people are dangerous people

If we want to see political and societal change we need to first break free of our small and ingrown perspectives. Moving into greater freedom will allow us to change our reality and little by little change the world. This is of course why sexuality has been repressed in many of our modern, western societies.

Let’s join the revolution, let’s be authentic, vulnerable, daring and free. Let’s tap into our personal power and love so that we can change the world for the better!

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