I was working as a warden at Kirsebergs anstalten (A high security prison in Malmö) one of our charges told me this.

You can choose your friends and you can choose to have contact with your family or not, but good neighbors are a gift from God.

And I have to agree, that is after all what church is all about is it not. Being a good neighbor. Like today when I overslept and realized that we had no milk for our daily Latte (Now you understand the scope of this disaster) I could just log on to MSN find our good neighbor Graeme online and ask for a cup off milk. Morning was saved.

Everybody needs good neighbors, and we as a church needs to be good neighbors. Have you talked to the other tenants in your building? Have you made friends with them? Do they know that if they ever need anything they just have to knock on their door. We as a church are so good at talking about mission trips and evangelistic effort, but how about the trip over the treshold of your neeighbors door?

You are either a missionary or a mission field! Either you are sent to bring the good news to your neighbor or you need a visit from a missionary who can knock som sense into your head 😛

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