This year has been a fantastic year, a year of change, a year of honesty and integrity, a year of new directions. But all of these thing are in the past what is exciting about this new years is what is coming! As I was talking to my beloved last night I realised that while we have gone through some major shedding of layers and layers of religion and societal norms we have not gone far enough.

I am not taking the space I need to take personally and we have been far to careful, polite and PC in our presentation so far. So no more “Mr Nice Guy”.

We ARE writing history!

The emerging church in Malmö is a completely new kind of church reinventing and redefining the way to be a believer in the post-post-modern age. We are creating a community that not only deconstructs faith but the entire religious, societal, norm. We are together shedding the old story and in fellowship and love trying to figure out what the new story is. Wrestling to together with the answers of how are we to be church, spiritual fellowship and liberated beings in a society that binds us and beats us into submission at every turn.

On the personal level we are writing the new story every day, having broken up with the societal norm of what relationship or even marriage should look like. Every day and every week comes with new challenges where we get to choose between writing the new story or rehashing the old story.

So here we are boldly stepping into 2016.

To make all this possible I invite you to be part of our network, I invite you to really invest in making this possible for us and for the new spiritual community we are creating. You can do this by coming down and being part of this exciting new thing, you can pray for us and send energy towards the creation of this new community and you can support us financially. At this point in time we are trying to secure finances so that I can be free to give at least 50% of the workweek to this new project. I know that here in Sweden we are not used to giving money in this way but I want to challenge you to make a difference, to be part of writing history, to in a small way be a part of writing this new story by pledging a set amount each month in 2016.

I will continue to be an official disturber of the peace, to push boundaries and to deconstruct everything. Be part of the journey!

Send us an email and tell us how you want to support the new story!

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