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Anja Trinity Olterman, born 3rd of June, 22:35

We arrived at Ģimenes centers at 19:05 where Hanna was examined and told that she was dilated five centimeters, the contractions where strong and everything was moving along just as it had with Angelina.

Hanna was devastated and convinced that she had another 20 hours of labor to go. I was secretly hopefull because I thought I saw things progress faster than they had with Angelina, tho I did see a long hours ahead. Every contraction had Hanna kicking and scream, pleading with God to take the pain away.

Around eigth o’clock the anastesiologist came with the epidural. Hanna was shaking and shivering with stress, fear and fatigue. But the doc did the job well and after the epi was set Hanna could relax for the first time that evening. The first conteaction after the epidural hit hard, but the second passed without Hanna even mentioning it. I was looking at the graph and saw that the contraction was three times stronger than any she had had before. After that Signa our midwife decided it would be good to break the water to ensure that everything was moving along smoothly. Hanna was a changed woman, she was smiling making jokes and praising God! I even cought her singing praise songs to “delirious?” playing softly in the background during contractions.

About ten Hanna felt more preassure, quarter past ten she knew it was time for pushing. Signa was heaven sent, coaching Hanna every bit of the way. And Hanna was in full control all the way, only slightly frantic at the end of the delivery.

10:35 on the 3rd of June 2006, Anja Trinity Olterman was born. She weighed 3720g and was measured to be 54 cm long. Hanna was exuberant and so relieved, having expected the worst this delivery was a breeze. She said “I can’t believe it’s over allready” and “I could do this again.”

Our little Anja slept through the first night and let us collapse in the familly center and get some needed sleep. Now they are awaiting breakfast and I am home to pick up Angelina to go see her baby sister.

Look at the pictures here

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