The body follows….

At least that is what I teach in my martial arts class. Today we where at the Riga zoo wich is always a delightful experience. When Angelina was taking her afternoon nap and Anja was getting her umpteenth meal of the day we where sitting down by the zoo playground. One little girl had rented an electrical car and drove in circles around the park. Everytime she passed us she could not help but to stare at the baby. As she did her whole body turned and so did the car, she nearly ran us over, every time she passed….

It is also true in our spiritual life that wherever our eyes are fixed that is where we will end up. If you look at Jesus you will end up closer to Him. But if you fix your eyes on the trouble of everyday life, on pretty girls (or boys) or on anything of this world you will end up closer to the world and subsequently further away from Jesus.

While many Christians know better than to be seduced by the world, there are far to many who focus on the negative and the troubles around us, instead of focusing on the solution ie. on Jesus. As the old addage goes: If you only see shadows, your turned the wrong way.

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How true! It’s easy to get distracted by the bad things around us, and by doing so loose track of the good.

When you learn to drive they remind you to look ahead where you want to go, not to the shoulder of the road where you don’t. Your hands, body, car… all follow where your eyes lead.



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