I have spent the last week in paradise, surrounded by nature and open loving hearts. Every morning as a collective we would make the following affirmation:

Today on this beautiful unique day,
I decide to choose love.
I choose love by forgiving those I did not forgive yet.
I choose love today by paying attention to the needs of others before my own needs.
I choose love today by sacrificing any fears and other limitations.
Today is the day, in which I will overcome my resentment to love.
Today on this day in all eternity, I will choose to love the others before they love me.

The secret of love is simply to open up, to align with love, and flow with love. To be like god and love first. Because god is the first lover. So today, on this beautiful unique day, choose to love. Love the people around you with an open heart, with bright eyes and the loving touch of your hands.

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