The secret to getting what you want in life …

I am truly blessed, not long ago I had a conversation with a friend who accused me of “wanting to have it all” and in response I simply replied, yes, I do wan’t it all, and you know what, reflecting on it I do think I have it all. In fact the way my life is shaping up I am really getting everything I could ever dream of and some things I didn’t even dream I could possibly have.

So I thought I would share with you the secret to getting what you want in life … Are you ready for this life changing piece of advice?

To get what you want in life:


It is so simple. Most of us walk around in life with unfulfilled wishes and dreams. We have secret fantasies and deep in our hearts we carry wishes that we tell n one about. The thing is the people around us are just like us with a long bucket list of things that we wish would happen to us.

In the Christian scriptures it says “ask and you shall receive” and many (some of us at least) of us take this spiritual advice to heart and in the secret of our prayer closet we voice our deepest longings. Few realise that this, while it is good and healthy to acknowledge to ourselves what we long for, is only the first step.

But what if we where to take this piece of scripture very literal and actually start asking the people we have around us for what we long for. Maybe they have the same longing, maybe the thing you wish to ask your friend, your spouse, your partner is actually also their secret wish that they never dared asking for. Many of us nurture our dreams, hopes and wishes like Schrödinger’s cat. As long as we do not look in the box it’s potentially both dead and alive at the same time. As long as we do not ask the question there is both a potential “yes” and a potential “no”. Here’s the kicker while not asking saves you from experiencing the no, it also keeps you at questions length away from the yes. It is very hard to ever get a yes to your wish or longing until you voice it. Granted, it could happen, the other person might do exactly what you wished for, they may ask you…. but why wait?

My advice is this: Want something? Ask!

It might happen, and if it doesn’t if I get a rejection, then I can at least get over it, let it go and move on to the next item on my bucket list.

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