Paul the apostle writes that we are called to be ambassadors of Christ. a job that we best take seriously. We do not belong on this planet and when we head back home we want as many with us as possible because this titanic of an earth is sinking rapidly.

Today I had to talk to the Swedish embassy here in Latvia and being a swedish citizen I felt I had a right to expect som help from them and therefore indirectly from my ambassador, since my daughter Anja was born in Latvia by Swedish parents she has the right to be a Swedish citizen to. Upon calling the embassy I was astonished by how curt tone the secretary of the ambassador had and how clear it was that I and my problem was an annoyance to her.

I pray that when someone walks up to me in the capacity of an ambassador of Christ that I not only make that person feel that they have a right to be heard by heaven, but also that they have a heavenly Father that long for their return. My prayer is that we would be better ministers (helpers) to those who are seeking assistance from heaven than our earthly counterparts. May we never dissmiss a single person seeking our help!

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