It is especially true in relationships, love keeps changing and transforming and unless we change and transform with love we will “fall out of love”.

The minute we freeze frame the relationship or our image of our partner, we are no longer dealing with reality or life, then we are dealing with a construct of our mind. We may have frozen our perception but reality moves on changes, the person in front of us has changed while we held on to the old image.

Anything static is unnatural, I used to say that static is dead but I realise that even in death transformation continues, because death is just transformation and a precursor to rebirth. Static is un-life.

Love is change and transformation both for the lover and the beloved. Love is life, life is change and transformation.

Now in the Christian scriptures it says that god is love. That would make god also constantly transforming and growing, changing and evolving. This of course raises the heckles with all my biblicist friends who claim that god is the same yesterday, today and in the future. That god is the great constant, static. I cannot believe this and I cannot accept it. First of all god changes god’s mind several times in scripture. Secondly god is in a relationship with us, with creation and as the relationship changes the parties in it changes. As the parties in the relationship changes the relationship changes, it is a constant dance of interaction, change and transformation. If only one person in the relationship changes then the relationship breaks.

If god is love and god is alive then god changes, if we are alive we change and if we are in a relationship with the divine we change and transform with the divine and the divine changes with us.

If god truly is relational and we transform in relation then why should not our practices and scriptures (or understanding of scripture) change? I believe that as our divine relationship matures and evolves all of creation matures and evolves and so does our religion need to mature and evolve.

Because god is love, the divine source of love and love is not static!

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