I was having a youth get together in Bauska last night, and I asked them why they where attending the corps, Why they where coming to the youth meetings, the answers where no different from what I would get in any other youth group but they still sent a chill down my spine.

  • I have to lead it.
  • I don’t know
  • To meet friends
  • To talk about/worship/pray to jesus at least one day in the week, since we dont on the other days

It seems we have forgotten that the corps is a battle station where we are supposed to get trained for the war and that the rest of the week we are supposed to be fighting it! It is a sad thing when our only contact with God is in the church and the rest of the week we live a different life undercover and unnoticed by the world.

This needs to change! We need to change! And if we would just take time with God, take God seriously we couldn’t help but to change.

If you spend time with God you will change, if you are not changing you are not spending time with God!

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