We couldn’t believe it when we heard it, we still couldn’t believe it when we had the tickets and yesterday it was finally time. [[Delirious?]] played their first concert in Latvia, and we where there.

And as if that wasn’t a blessing enough we also had a baby sitter so both me and Hanna could fully enjoy the concert and worship our hearts out for the one and a half hour concert (and good thing we had a good baby sitter since the band s flight was three hours delayed and thus gave the concert a REALLY slow start.)

I had no idea how starved I was for real worship, I had no idea how much of my freedom and joy I had lost. But when [[Martin Smith]] opened with Rain Down I started crying, and I had a fantastic time worshipping with Delirious? all the way until the end.

There are few bands that can play a rocky set and then manage to get in a healing, soothing, and absolutely lifetransforming worship in the midst of that. Delirious? can and did.

God also showed me how I had lost faith throughout the years, when the opening riff of History maker echoed through the hall God made it plain to me that we can change the history of this nation, we can make God famous in Latvia, we just need to raise the bar! I have talked the talk, it’s time to walk the walk.

Never surrender, never give up. It’s time to paint this old town red, with the blood of Jesus Christ.

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