As I was contemplating the mature and immature masculine yesterday I realised that in our confusion (or perhaps in my confusion, I don’t know how universal this is) we have lost the divine masculine. I have always been under the impression that we had lost the divine feminine but I think maybe I have gotten it backwards.

Since we really have no concept of the mature masculine in the general consciousness but rather hold the immature masculine as the only masculine we have ended up with two different versions of god (and I speak now primarily of the western Christian image of the divine). We either have the rather capricious angry and vengeful god who in a union of Zeus and Santa is ready to zap anyone who ends up on the naughty list. This is the god who smites the sinner, drowns the world and send fire and brimstone over a city because the people have lost their way (this is the aggressive immature masculine). On the other hand we have the more prevalent image of god who is the loving father, the one that is long-suffering and forgives all who is the nurturing archetype (the mature feminine). Richard Rohr states that when the protestant church lost Mary as an image of the divine feminine we created an effeminate Jesus to counterbalance and recover the divine feminine.

I personally have long have had an issue with the father image and the male language around god, to the point where I replaced he with she and started using the name el-shaddai (which means god of the big breasts, i.e.. the nurturing god). This is probably because I personally have not had any good fathers in my life to model the mature masculine so for me there was no positive divine masculine archetype. But I think it may be more than me, to quote Robert Bly, “There isn’t enough father.” It is true, as I look around I see a lack of fathers, and as I examine the image of the divine I see presented in the Church all I can see is this duality either the immature masculine or the mature feminine. All under the name of god.

God is of course ultimately neither the divine feminine or the divine masculine. God is neither, both and so much more. As I have argued before, god is transgender, that is so much more than our limited ideas of gender. But within god we can find both the mature masculine and the mature feminine, we find the divine masculine and the divine feminine in sacred union.

So I think we need to recapture the divine masculine. We need Abba, the good father. We need to recapture the “I AM” the ultimate consciousness. We need the divine masculine images from myth. We need the green man, the blue man, the wild man, the wise man. We need the earth father, father time and grandfather sky. We need the Christ, Shiva, Krishna and the Buddha. Not to reinforce or reinstate the patriarchy but to reclaim the divine masculine and therefore find the sacred masculine in ourselves because only when this powerful image and archetype is restored can we also properly restore the divine feminine and recover the sacred feminine in ourselves and find this sacred union in our own lives.

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