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This fall we will start with a western martial arts class based on Fiore Dei Liberis treatises from the 15th century. It will be a class going through a very fluid and coherent martial arts system with everything from wrestling to longsword fighting, with the longsword fighting being the main focus of the course. It will be great excersice for teh whole body, lots of fun for the soul and challenging teaching to renew your mind.

Swordplay is both fun and challenging. The classes will contain exercise for soul, mind and body as we will explore all the facets of knighthood.

The classes will be two hours every tuesday and we are hoping to do one more session every week late fall early winter, the price is 20 Lats for one years training and will be paid to Schola Saint George under which we will be studying. Hopefully we will be able to fly in one of teh Scholas instructors for Compagno testing in the spring.

You will be able to train in normal training clothes but will need to invest in a wooden waster at some pimt during the year. If you plan to go on to full contact sparring you will also need protective gear somewhere towards next summer.

We will only be able to take in a limited number of people this first year so sign up early if you want to participate.

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State your full name, Adress, phone number, cell phone in the message field. We would also love to hear where you found out about this course.

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