Today is St. Crispins day. Maybe a good day to remember the war we are in and the cost to fight it. St. Crispin was a humble evangelist who worked as a shoemaker during the day and preached the gospel during the evenings. Together with his brother he evangelised the [[Gauls]] before meeting a very violent death at the hands of [[Rictius Varus]] who was governing the area for The Roman emperor [[Diocletian]]. When captured and asked to renounce their faith they are said to have answered:

“Thy threats do not terrify us, for Christ is our life, and death is our gain. Thy rank and possessions are nought to us, for we have long before this sacrificed the like for the sake of Christ and rejoice in what we have done. If thou shouldst acknowledge and love Christ thou wouldst give not only all the treasures of this life, but even the glory of thy crown itself in order through the exercise of compassion to win eternal life.”

Displaying the chivalric virtues of [[loyalty]] and [[faith]], Staying true to their hearts conviction and having faith that Christ would save them and therefore not fearing death.

I hope today is a day where we can honor our loyalties and display true faith in everything we do. Not that we shouldn’t do that everyday but maybe today we could make a point of showing loyalty and faith in honor of two brothers who gave up everything to stay true to their hearts.

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