Angelina was watching Joseph this morning and as I was watching the beginning of this cartoon it struck me how, no matter how hard Josephs father tried to create a protected environment to lead Joseph to his destiny, Joseph still had to go through the worst possible trials to get to the pharaos hous and the fullfillment of his dreams.
It is like it says in the proverbs, we might make plans that seem right, but it is ultimately God who brings us to the place where we need to be and it is the way we get there that is the process God uses to equip us for the task he has appointed us to do.

My mentor Colin Hatcher gave me this proverb “Torture, cries the ore in the furnace. Thankyou, says the well tempered steel”

But what also strikes me is that it is not the trial in itself that gets us where we need to be, the trial holds no value of it’s own. It is how we respond to the trial that builds or breaks us. It is our response to adversity that makes us grow into the person God wants us to be.

When we respond positively, with grace and praise in the face of adversity we grow in patience and character, we grow stronger. It is also true that how we respond to pressure is a measure of how far we have gotten in our quest for holiness. Or like Magnus Persson would put it: When you squeese the tube you will see whats on the inside. Or as the bible says, the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

How do you respond to the trials of life? Do you praise God for His everlasting love and goodness or do you curse the bitterness of reality? Remember everytime we get it right, we grow closer to God, we take one step closer to our goal, one step closer to our pharaos house.

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