It’s that day again, that day when it is mandatory to be romantic, to excel at gestures that convey care and romantic love. It has been branded the Hallmark holiday, but why do we so intensely love/hate Valentines day?

First of all let’s recognise that it has nothing to do with love. Valentines is the day where we thrive on external Validation or feel starved because we are not getting the external validation we crave. Suddenly we put our self worth into the hands of whomever remembers (or forgets) to validate us as desirable, lovable, human beings. So happy validation day folks.

So how do we have a successful, fulfilling validation day?

We need to recognise that we can only receive love to the extent that we love ourselves, which means that unless you are your own valentine it won’t matter how much validation you get, it will all be for nothing. So love your self, send yourself chocolate, flowers, cards. Tweet your affection and appreciation for yourself. Take yourself on a date, to the movies, treat yourself to dinner. Flaunt your self love!

Once you are filled up with self love and internal validation, you won’t really need anything from anyone else, you will however be overflowing with love and affection that you can pour out to your loved ones. So do, send your cards, your tweets and your love to anyone that stirs your heart from the abundance of your love overflow.

There is nothing wrong with being validated by others or giving that validation so go ahead, just make sure it comes from your full love tank (when you are on empty it just comes across as needy, desperate need-love).

So let’s love abundantly from the depths of our beings, let us love like crazy! Let’s start with self-love so that we learn how to accept and channel divine love from the source and then overflow with love to everyone around us!

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